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The Three "P's" of Washing Your Guinea Pig

May 02, 20231 min read

Ever smell a guinea pig that needs a bath? If you’d rather not experience such an odor, we’ve got some bathing tips that you and your guinea pig may appreciate.  Here is what you need to do to make sure that your guinea pig is back to being squeaky clean:

1) Preparation
Before you move your guinea pig, your washing station will need to be prepared. A very clean sink or a bucket will suffice. If you are using a sink, run the water until it is warm, and then place a wash cloth over the drain. Remember, you don’t want the level of the water to go above your guinea pig’s neck.

2) Placement
Gently pick up your guinea pig and place him into the water. If your guinea pig gets a little too wild in the sink, you may want to consider the bucket option so there is less space to roam. Once he is there, get a little bit of baby or guinea pig shampoo and rub it into his fur. Be sure to avoid the eyes, ears and mouth and then rinse it out with water.

3) Pamper
Before he gets cold, take him out of the water and gently get most of the moisture out with a soft hand towel or wash cloth. Whatever you can’t get, take a hair dryer at its lowest level and dry off your guinea pig. Again, avoid the ears, eyes and mouth. Make sure that it’s not too close and that the heat isn’t overwhelming.

Washing your Guinea Pig
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